My Cup Runneth Over

This past week was full. Full in a good way. Full of people and laughter and really good food!

Late Wednesday night we had some friends over. Now, before Mr. Boy arrived we had friends over pretty often, but it hasn’t happened much over the past few months. Babies really do change everything, and you don’t understand how much until you have one. Oh, but don’t you just know we were made to live in community and relationship? It was so good to have people in our home talking, laughing, eating and just being real. It was such a rich time of fellowship that it made me realize how important it is for us to make time for these friendships even in the craziness of trying to balance work, grad school, babies and all these other grown-up responsibilities.

We had some prayer time for our dear friends who are in the process of a domestic adoption {you can read their story here}. This journey has not been easy for them, but we are thankful for their obedience and example. And I am especially thankful that God has given us  precious friends in Louisville to walk with through both the joys and trials of this stage of life.

The parentals came to the big city for the holiday weekend. Mr. Boy and I had only been back from Alabama a week. I guess that’s the power of a grandchild. Anyhow, it’s always so fun to have them here, and we never have enough time to do everything we would like to do. This time, Mom helped me hang pictures and decorate, which is good because it might have never gotten done without her. Even though our townhouse is likely a very temporary residence, I’m so glad to have it feeling like home! Not a fan of bare walls…

And of course the eatin’ is always good when the parents {or in-laws} are in town. This time we tried Jack Fry’s, a somewhat swanky little local restaurant. Great food and a fun place for a special occasion dinner {or any type dinner if the parents are paying :)}. Of course, Wild Eggs and Graeters are traditional stops when Mom and Dad are in town. And I’m sure you really wanted to know all about our restaurant choices.

We took a few pictures after church on Sunday. Goodness, my poor child just never gets his picture made…

In other news, Little Man started cereal this week. He seems to LOVE it, which makes me glad. A child who eats makes for a happy mama. He is growing and acting older each day. Tonight, Adam was holding him while we ate, and he reached for Adam’s glass with both hands and pulled it toward him with his mouth wide open like he wanted to take a sip. It was hilarious. In actuality, he probably just wanted to teeth on the glass, but he looked like such a big boy, and I just couldn’t believe that was my baby! I’ve really got to cherish each day because they are flying by!

But enough with the sap.

Last week was full. And good. Thank you, Lord. 

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