4 Months

This post is only two weeks overdue, but better late than never. Right? They said it would go fast, and boy were they right. My baby is growing quickly!

A few 4 month stats…

*Weight: 12 lb, 7.5 oz (10th percentile)…little guy right now.

*Height: 25 inches (50th-75th percentile)

*Food: Still nursing 5 times a day but getting ready to start cereal very soon. Up until this month, L has taken a bottle every now and then with no problem. Lately, though, he has been rejecting it FORCEFULLY. I have absolutely no idea why, but we’re going to work on it…

*Sleep: Still a great night sleeper. Sleeping from around 8:30 pm to 8 or 8:30 am. Still really struggling with naps…screams for a long time before falling asleep during the day… usually will sleep no more than 45 minutes in his crib or 1 hour in his carseat while out and about. We were starting to get into a nap routine, but Christmas travels messed things up a bit. I’m hoping he’ll take better naps once he starts solids.

*Clothes: 6-9 months, size 1 diapers

*Random: L is doing great with head control and seems to like tummy time more now that his head is stronger. Has rolled from stomach to back several more times but doesn’t do it often yet. Cooing and babbling all the time. Constantly has his hands and fingers in his mouth! Loves his bath {kicks and splashes like crazy} and LOVES TV {oh, no!}. It’s like the ultimate pacifier. We’re starting to read some stories with him each day as well. You know, gotta balance out that TV watching :).  L is more of a wiggle worm than a cuddle bug. He likes to face out and look around. Has great eye contact and smiles when he makes contact with most anyone. Sweet boy…

Cowboy Luke
Big boys pickin' on Mr. Boy
Playtime with Jackson

Happy 4 months, Big Boy!

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