3 Years: The Highlight Reel (part1)

Today I’m celebrating three years of marriage to my beloved! It’s really been a fun three years. Well, actually its been a fun nine years. Yes, we dated that long. I thought I’d hit some of the highlights of just the three married years. Strolling down memory lane has proven to be fun…and time consuming. I hope I can make it through all 3 years…:)

December 20, 2008…My parents gave me my dream Christmas wedding.
It was a really fun and special day with friends and family.

We made a lifelong covenant to one another.

And then we partied!

We honeymooned in Keystone, Colorado. It was Adam’s first time to ski. He LOVED it and has been dying to go back since.

We spent our first married Christmas with just each other on our honeymoon. Surprisingly, I wasn’t homesick at all. Here we are all dressed up and ready to head to the very top of the mountain to have dinner at Alpenglow Stube. I’m still not quite sure how we paid for that meal. It was fabulous. And exhausting. 7 courses take a long time.

January 2009…We moved to Village Manor apartments in Louisville, KY. Very soon after we moved in, one of the biggest ice storms the city had ever experienced hit. “Welcome to the north, y’all!” We had no money, no jobs, and half the city had no power (thankfully, ours never went out). We played in the snow while waiting for the power to come on so potential employers could call us back!

Camping trip…Spring 2009. During Adam’s “spring reading days” (aka spring break) we went camping with our new friends the Tarvers and our old friend Diana. Such a fun memory. Wish I had a picture of the whole group.

July 25, 2009…The Calbert/Saknini wedding in Atlanta. Our dear friends Justin and Marci got married. Adam and I were both in the wedding (somehow I didn’t get a picture of the two of us together that night). It was our first time to see our college friends since our wedding back in December. We were SO excited to see everyone and to celebrate Justin and Marci!

 November 2009…We hosted {most of} Adam’s family for Thanksgiving…9 people in our teeny tiny apartment! I was worried about having that many people crammed in, but it was SO much fun. Here I am being all domestic and baking a pie. I do realize that there is a store-bought pie sitting on the stove. Making two homemade pies was just too much for this domestic goddess to handle. 🙂

 We went and watched a race at Churchill Downs on Thanksgiving day.

It was our first time to go to Churchill Downs.

General Craziness

Decorating our first Christmas tree. Adam wasn’t really that thrilled. I think I had to force him to hang a few ornaments.

Opening gifts on our anniversary and lookin’ good! I kid. We were at a cabin in the mountains with my whole family for Christmas. Romantic, huh? That’s what happens when your anniversary coincides with Christmas break.

Late anniversary date to see White Christmas at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Fabulous first year!

One thought on “3 Years: The Highlight Reel (part1)

  1. Such a sweet post! In the picture on your blog header, you can’t see me, but I’m standing to your right throwing that fake snow amidst uncontrollable sobs as you and Adam left the reception. It had been a long 24 hours….graduation AND your wedding. Funny how life changes so fast. Love y’all!

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