3 Years: The Highlight Reel (part 2)

January 2010…First big snow of the year!

 March 2010…Foundation Board Spring Retreat in Destin, FL. Adam worked for the office of Institutional Advancement at the seminary for a while. We got to go on the annual Spring retreat for the foundation board members in Destin. It was a fun getaway. Wish I had gotten a picture of the two of us.

April 2010…my family came to visit. I think this was the weekend of “Thunder.” Thunder over Louisville is one of the many festivities leading up to the Kentucky Derby…it’s a ginormous fireworks show. Dad and Adam went to see the fireworks. Mom, Jenny, and I were attending the Women of Joy conference that weekend. We missed Will.

April 2010….Kentucky Derby 1/2 marathon. We ran with a group of friends to raise support for our friends’ adoption. Ken and Sarah Lovett have had their precious little Luke home from Ukraine for quite a few months now. This was such a fun memory…Adam’s first 1/2 marathon.

June 2010…Medical mission trip to Nicaragua. So glad for this opportunity to serve the Lord together.

We befriended new missionaries to Nicaragua, Timothy and Jessie Crabtree.

July 2010…Adam commissioned as a Chaplain candidate into the Army National Guard. Adam had been grappling with a calling to minister to soldiers for a few years. He had (and has) such a desire to share Christ with those who were giving their lives for our freedom. He once told me, “Sarah, if they’re dying for our country but they don’t know the Lord, then they’re dying for nothing.” I’ll admit that, for selfish reasons, I fought this calling on Adam’s life for a long time. Through time, the Lord has really changed my heart. I am so proud of Adam and his service in this capacity. He speaks the truth of the Gospel boldly, and he cares for these men so deeply. Also, the Lord has used this part-time job to greatly bless us (financially speaking). Military insurance is phenomenal!

October 2010…Fall break trip to Washington D.C.!

Christmas card 2010 {Clearly, I was going through a straight hair phase}.

December 2010…Disney World trip with Adam’s family! So. much. fun.

 I was pregnant on this trip and had no idea. I rode some crazy roller coasters.

Christmas Eve 2010…this is the only picture I have of us {sort of} together on that night. I had to document it, though. This was the night we found out we were having a baby! We knew when this picture was taken, but we waited until after everyone opened presents to share the news. Why we didn’t take more pictures on this night, I don’t know.

Wonderful way to end a wonderful year together!

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