New Door(s)

Isn’t this panel fabulous?

It was an early Christmas gift from my mom that we found here during her last Louisville visit, and it led to a somewhat comical interaction with a little neighbor as Mom was hauling it inside.

Little Boy: Is that a door?!?

Mom: Well, no. It’s actually a decoration for your house that’s made to look like an old door. 

Little Boy: [pensive] Can you open it? 

Mom: No.

Little Boy: Why not? 

Mom: Well…because it doesn’t have a doorknob. (Good answer, Mom!)

Little Boy: [pensiveness leads to a lightbulb moment] But you can put a key in it because it has a keyhole!

Mom: [chuckling] Well, I guess so!

Don’t you just love kids? 🙂 The little guy was having a hard time comprehending why anyone would have a non-functional door propped up against a wall in their home as a decoration. Adam probably feels the same way. His response: Where’d we get that new door thing?

On a somewhat related note, the Rice family will be acquiring a real new door in the near future. Well, I guess the door won’t actually belong to us since we’ll still be renting. But we are moving….to a townhouse…that is a whole 300 square feet bigger than our current apartment. Woohoo! While Baby Boy himself does not take up a lot of space, all of his equipment does. We are busting at the seams, and it will be nice to have a little extra space during our remaining time in Louisville.

While we’re excited about our new home (and so thankful), we’re less than thrilled about the actual moving process which will take place just a few short days after we return from our Thanksgiving vacation to Alabama. Moving is stressful in general. Returning from vacation + caring for a 3 month old + moving at the beginning of the Christmas season = majorly accelerated stress levels. Prayers, please. Seriously.

And I’ll leave you with this sweet little smile….

because I just can’t seem to write a post without some mention of my new little love. 🙂

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