Just Checking in…

from Alabama! Luke and I were planning a mid-October visit anyway, but my Mom came to Lou to help out (an entire post should be devoted to the ways in which she has demonstrated sacrificial motherhood to her children), and we decided to ride back with her and stay an extra week. We are certainly missing Adam, though!

The 8 hour drive with a 6 week old only took us 12.5 hours, but I can’t complain too much because baby boy was SO good. He slept most of the way with just a few quick screaming fits when he was really tired. It was just those darn stops for feedings that made the trip take forever. Needless to say, all three of us were worn slap out by the time we made it to Jackson. Luke slept 6.5 hours straight that night, and I was singing Hallelujah.

A few things to remember about Luke at 6 weeks:

*Smiling all the time at us when we talk to him  (especially right after feedings). He sure is a happy boy when he gets that tummy full.

*Constantly blowing bubbles and drooling (how bad will the drool be when he’s actually teething ?!?)

* Starting to hold his head up. Loves when we put him over our shoulders and he can practice holding that head/neck up and looking all around. Those eyes dart around everwhere as he’s checking things out. Very alert.

* Loves to lay on his back, kick his legs, and move his arms. He is CONSTANTLY kicking those long legs.

*Loves his playmat and his swing. Loves music.

*Long and lean. Wearing size 3 months (some 3-6 mo). Most of the clothes are a little big around, but he has to have them for the length.

*Doing great sleeping in his bed at night, but not so great with naps in the day. He will sleep well in swing or car seat but hates going to his bed for day naps. We’re working on it but still letting him sleep other places during the day too.

* Has a new cry: a high-pitched, dramatic little squeal. Not the most masculine cry…ha.

*LOVES his daddy. Adam can always make him laugh and smile.

Forgive me for the lack of picture documentation, but I forgot my camera cord and can’t upload pictures on my parents’ computer. AND I now hear a crying baby, so that will have to be it for now!

Until next time….

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