First Two Weeks

Luke has already been with us two weeks! Goodness, the days are literally flying by. I’m trying to enjoy every moment because I know I’ll never have this season again…this sweet newborn phase with just one baby…my first. It’s a special time, and I don’t want to wish it away by looking forward to the next phase. When the next baby comes along, I’m sure I’ll have a wild little toddler running about :).

So, what’s baby boy been up to these last two weeks? Lots of eating, that’s for sure. And lots of peeing and pooping. We should just call him the little excreter! I’ve been pooped on (we’re talking all over pajamas, the bed, etc), Adam’s been spit up on, Luke’s crib, bassinet, changer and our bed have all been peed on. Let me tell you, you’ve got to be strategic when changing the diaper to make sure it all stays in. The laundry has tripled since this little guy arrived. But he is eating well and gaining weight, and we are thankful!

L has also been much more alert during his second week. He’s staying awake for a decent amount of time after most feeds. He’s enjoyed some quality time with J-J.

We were both very sad to see her go on Tuesday.

Luke’s been getting used to real baths in his little baby bathtub since his umbilical cord has fallen off. He has been such a champ! Doesn’t cry at all. In fact, he almost slept through the bath pictured below. (Don’t worry, the diaper came off for his most recent bath. We’re taking small steps. I didn’t want to get sprayed.)

Baby boy loves to stretch. He’s too cute when he wakes up!

He’s been spending some time sitting up in his boppy pillow after feedings.

And he even watched his first Auburn game. Ok. so he actually slept and ate through his first Auburn game. Mama didn’t watch much either. Obviously didnt’t miss much.

L loves to cuddle with Daddy.

He is a sweet and laid-back baby for the most part, but he does scream…

And Mama is tired…

Such a flattering picture Adam snuck of me. Just keepin’ it real, folks!

And finally, this week Luke gets to welcome two new cousins into the world! Baby Samuel (Adam’s brother’s 3rd baby) was born this morning, and he is precious! It will be so fun having boy cousins so close in age. And we are anxiously anticipating the birth of Baby Betsy (my cousin’s 1st baby) sometime tomorrow! So exciting.

So thankful for 2 precious weeks with our boy.

One thought on “First Two Weeks

  1. Yay for some new Luke pictures. He sure is a growing boy. I’m cracking up that he’s peeing and pooping all over y’all. Guess that’s just reality! Go read my blog…L got a little shout out as a highlight of the past few weeks.

    Love y’all and keeping you in my prayers!


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