Times of Change

These really are times of change for the Rice’s. In keeping with this theme, I decided it was time for a blog change. Actually, Adam just convinced me that WordPress is easier to manage for the “not so blogger savvy.” We’ll see.

In preparing for the arrival of our little bundle, we bought a new camera. Sony NEX 3. This is supposed to be somewhat of a more “user-friendly” Digital-SLR. Adam’s been playing with it a lot, figuring it all out, and trying his hand at what I like to call “artsy” photos. I’ve gotten so big that I’m sort of over the preggo pics, but I’ve been his only human subject to photograph. So, why not document the largeness?

34 Weeks…and a little sneak peek of the nursery (a nursery post will come eventually).

Had an ultrasound today, and baby boy weighs 5 lbs, 6 oz! Sounds really big to me (since I have 6 weeks left), but ultrasound tech said it was just above average.

Adam’s parents are coming tomorrow for a visit. Yay for family! So, a non-baby-related post may be in my future. I apologize for baby overload, but that’s the big thing going on with us right now! Until next time…

One thought on “Times of Change

  1. Sarah! Adam is doing so good with his photog skils! I’ll have to get Mat on the ball. Maybe we should all four open up a business. 🙂 Love the nursery. Love that top. And love you!

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